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Community-Oriented Coffee House Unveils Two Locations in Eagle

EAGLE, ID, August 28, 2016 - According to the National Coffee Association, over 75% of U.S. adults drink coffee, and 58% drink it every day. The Brim Coffee House, now open in two locations in Eagle, helps residents get their daily fix while also offering the kind of “third place” experience that Starbucks has long chased after, but which can only really be found in family- owned spaces.

Although their drinks fall into the same price range as those on the menu at Starbucks, The Brim offers an entirely different kind of experience. The Brim functions as a “third place” for the Eagle community, where people can meet and connect outside of their homes (the “first place”) and offices (the “second place”). According to Ray Oldenburg, the urban sociologist who coined the term, “third places” are important because they encourage democracy, civic engagement, and a peaceful society. While many cafes and coffee houses cultivate the “third place” feeling, it takes a true dedication to customer service and community values to help it flourish―at The Brim, that “third place” feeling can be found in spades.

Entrepreneurs Krista and Paul Coleman moved their four daughters back to Eagle, Idaho with a plan to leverage their high-tech skills and food service experience to build a business together. Although they love the close-knit community, country feel, great schools, and recreational opportunities that Eagle has to offer, the Colemans felt that something was missing upon their return: a community-oriented space that stayed open late and welcomed people of all ages for a reasonable price. They started The Brim Coffee House in order to fill that need.

The Brim Coffee House’s downtown store is on Old State Street in the heart of Eagle, in the historic hotel that used to be occupied by Ye Olde Sweet Shoppe. The second location of The Brim can be found in Eagle Island Crossing, on Fisher Park Way across from Eagle Island State Park.

“The coffee house vibe and what it offered to me in my busy past was such a solace, such a peaceful experience that made it possible to get hard work done,” said co-owner Krista Coleman, who has dedicated all of her working hours to The Brim. “I want to give back. I want to make The Brim a community gathering place in both locations.”

The Brim has already brought the community inside of its walls by sourcing their menu locally, pulling shots of espresso from Evan’s Brothers in northern Idaho alongside those from other Pacific Northwest roasters, and serving up pastries from Gaston’s Bakery, Amaru Confections, and Sweet Valley Cookie Company. They also serve a full menu of grab 'n go snacks, fruit, salads, sandwiches, and desserts provided by the local nonprofit Create Common Good, an organization that teaches food service skills to adults with barriers to employment. The names of The Brim’s house espressos and roasts, including 1907 Espresso (named for the year the hotel was built) and Bridgemaker Roast (named for famous hotel guests) reflect and pay homage to the history of their downtown location. Even the name of the coffee shop itself was a local collaboration, chosen after a survey of Eagle High School students.

“I want to make sure that I am reflecting the desires of the area,” Krista said when asked about the naming process. “This is their place, too. High school students may not have the money for a fancy restaurant, but every high schooler can come up with a five dollar bill to get a drink and a snack, hang out with their friends, and get their homework done.” In addition to serving as a safe, social space for students, The Brim’s late hours make it a perfect date night retreat. The two locations of The Brim open at 6am on weekdays and stay open until 9pm on Sunday, 10pm Monday-Thursday, and 11pm on Friday and Saturday. There is even a happy hour every day from 7pm to close, when all custom beverages are offered at half price.

Both locations have a classy, laid-back atmosphere and uniquely local vibe that invites residents to linger. The spaces were designed by Andria Johnson from Design 809, who worked cooperatively with the baristas to create an ambiance that enables customers to relax and reconnect with one another while enjoying hand-crafted beverages, fresh local pastries, and other delicious snacks.

The Colemans’ future plans for The Brim include live music and showcases of local art, and the back room of the Fisher Park location can be reserved by businesses and individuals for gatherings ranging from book clubs to Bible studies. Both locations also provide free Wi-Fi and streaming music. Every day at the Brim brings more innovations as customer requests come in on Facebook and Yelp.

“The community is already envisioning what they can do with their lives and their businesses, how they can use our venue to make them better,” Krista said proudly, adding, “which is exactly what this is all about for me.”

Luckily for local entrepreneurs, that kind strategizing can now be done in their own personal “third place” at The Brim over a cup of high-quality coffee.

Two Locations. Open Late!